Vectis is the future of accessibility

Our first product, the Vectis, provides an easy way for users with disabilities to use software and apps.

The Vectis is a pressure-sensitive device that can be operated using the feet or other extremities, turning movement into action.

The Vectis works with most modern app platforms. Having multiple devices no longer requires multiple input solutions - the Vectis can talk to the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Windows and Mac computers.

Accessible interaction

Vectis was conceived by Alternate Devices' founder after a life-altering injury left him with a limited ability to use a keyboard or mouse. The Vectis was developed to be an easy-to-use, dynamic input peripheral that enables fast interaction with modern user interfaces.

Engineered to improve upon accessibility switches, the Vectis translates three degrees of interaction into nine distinguishable actions. Each action allows a user a range of control when engaging in common everyday activities such as browsing the web and playing games.

From users with severe disability to those looking to relieve the hands, the Vectis provides an alternate way to provide input to smart devices. Adaptive technology is no longer just for those who have difficulty using keyboards, mice, or touchscreens - the Vectis gives users the ability to enhance their use of modern technology through the use of their feet.

The Vectis is a universal adaptive technology that
removes barriers to independence for people with disabilities.


No software required

The Vectis is a pressure-sensitive device that responds to a variety of gestures. Touch-based input on the device enables users to interact with many of the tech-driven activities commonplace in education, entertainment, office productivity, and more. Designed to remove barriers to accessibility, the Vectis is universal across tablets, smartphones, and computers, and is designed for out-of-box operation without the hassle of software installation, configuration, and training.

Touch and go

The Vectis is designed to "just work." It is compatible with any Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, as well as Android phones and tablets, and the iPhone and iPad, with wireless battery-powered operation. "Zero configuration" templates allow the device to be easily set up for common activities, with optional customization possible through the web.

Web-based configuration

Customization of the system is done through Alternate Devices' cloud platform. Quickly see how the Vectis is being operated, change how it interacts with attached devices, and define context-specific profiles for operating within different apps. All of this may be done locally or remotely, using off-the-shelf templates, or automatically generated setups based on how other users are interacting with their devices.

Durable design

Available in a lightweight triple-bar design, as well as a durable, all-machined enclosure capable of being mounted.

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