Vectis engages gamers by extending interaction to the feet

Extend the functionality of video games through touch-based control.

The Vectis is a pressure-sensitive device that turns movement into action. It is compatible with other standard and accessible game controllers, replacing up to nine accessibility switches or one joystick axis.

It can be used to provide a greater degree of control, placing most-used commands right at a gamer's feet.

Universal design

Vectis was conceived by Alternate Devices' founder after a life-altering injury left him with a limited ability to use standard input devices including game controllers. The Vectis was developed to be an easy-to-use, dynamic input peripheral that enables fast interaction with modern technology.

Engineered to augment the use of game controllers, the Vectis is capable of providing alternative means to playing games. Whether as a controller replacement, or as an addition to existing gaming setups, gamers are provided an immediately useful tool to improve their game using the Vectis.

The Vectis is a better accessibility switch


No software required

The Vectis is a pressure-sensitive device that responds to a variety of gestures. Touch-based input on the device can control and extend functionality in many video games. Through the use of universal human interface device (HID) controls such as keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs, the Vectis can augment and replace many of the ways gamers interact with computers and consoles.

Touch and go

The Vectis is designed to "just work." It is compatible with any Windows, macOS, or Linux computer, as well as Android phones and tablets, and the iPhone and iPad, with wireless battery-powered operation. "Zero configuration" templates allow the device to be easily set up for many games, with customization possible through the web.

Web-based configuration

Customization through Alternate Devices' cloud platform allows dynamic modification of the device through a separate computer, tablet, or smartphone. Quickly change how it interacts with the game, and easily create custom macros.

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